Easy Foods is one of the few makers of corn-based tortilla products to use fresh corn to make nixtamal on-premises. First, we cook the corn, grind it into masa, then use it to create an undeniably authentic corn flavor in our tortillas.

Corn Tortillas

CodeProduct DescriptionPackDetails
17WT604.75'' White Corn Tortillas6/60ctRead more
17W6306'' White Corn Tortilla6/160ctRead more
17WF206'' White Corn Table Tortilla6/90ctRead more
16Y6106'' Yellow Corn Tortilla6/120ctRead more
17Y6306'' Yellow Corn Tortilla6/160ctRead more
17YF206'' Yellow Corn Table Tortilla6/90ctRead more
16B6306'' Blue Corn Tortillas6/160ctRead more
16G6306'' Green Corn Tortillas6/160ctRead more
16R6306'' Red Corn Tortillas6/160ctRead more
16Y0106'' Yellow Oval Corn Tortilla4/72ctRead more