At Easy Foods, everything is baked fresh to order. This is just one way that differentiates us from our competitors. Our flour tortillas have a distinctive fresh-baked flavor profile that you are sure to enjoy.

Flour Tortillas

CodeProduct DescriptionPackDetails
1904204'' Flour Tortillas12/20ctRead more
19G5505.5'' Flour Tortilla Gordita12/24ctRead more
1906306'' Flour Tortillas12/24ctRead more
19H6106'' Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas18/20ctRead more
19G7307'' Flour Tortillas12/12ctRead more
1908108'' Flour Tortillas12/12ctRead more
19011010'' Flour Tortillas12/12ctRead more
19022012'' Flour Tortillas6/12ctRead more
19031013'' Flour Tortillas6/12ctRead more