Our gourmet wraps come in a variety of flavors, each one offering a delicious combination of appetizing and healthy ingredients. Our gourmet wraps are exceptionally supple and do not contain artificial flavors. We make a number of flavors including Spinach, Sun-dried Tomato, Garlic and Herb, Whole Wheat, White Flour, Tomato basil, Chipotle, and Jalapeno and Cheese. Our gourmet Wraps are baked to perfection, delivering an astonishing savory flavor.


CodeProduct DescriptionPackDetails
19C21012'' Chipotle Wrap6/12ctRead more
19GT2012'' Garden Tomato6/12ctRead more
19T21012'' Tomato Basil Wrap6/12ctRead more
19221012'' Sun Dried Tomato Wrap6/12ctRead more
19321012'' Spinach Wrap6/12ctRead more
19521012'' Garlic & Herbs Wrap6/12ctRead more
19621012'' White Wrap6/12ctRead more
19821012'' Jalapeño & Cheese Wrap6/12ctRead more